"So we want to be grateful, not in the name of'slaves', but to live up to our conscience.". Within the limited scope, do your best to protect the growth of the new generation of spiritual masters! "Yes!" Jin Su nodded his head fiercely. Su Tong, who is regarded by the Jin family as a new generation of spiritual masters, is sitting on the shoulders of the bronze overlord and appears with Jun Yan in the transmission silver light of the Purple Mansion. In fact, in these days when worrying about the safety of Lei Lingtian and Jinsu, there is always a strange feeling in my heart, I can't tell where it is, anyway, I always feel that I met these two people and participated in the matter of the Five Poisons Holy Ancestors coming out of the mountains, of course, there are many coincidences. But before she could think about it, she was deeply attracted by the scenery of Zifu in front of her. It turns out that Zifu is really "Zifu"! In the middle of the vast universe stands a purple palace a hundred times larger than the stars! Countless stars revolve slowly around this magnificent building, as if this beautiful palace were the center of the galaxy! So from a distance, it looks like a long river inlaid with precious stones, tightly protecting the Purple Mansion all around, and the closed door of the Purple Mansion gives people a very vigorous and heavy feeling, as if the other side of the door will lead the world out of the mortal world and truly go to the fairy world! Looking at Su Tong in a daze,drum spill containment, Jun Yan smiled faintly. Isn't it beautiful? Dongxian Jiuzhou Yifu, the gate of Zifu Mountain, is absolutely the most magnificent one! When she said this, Jun Yan's heart was filled with infinite pride. But he did not know, Su Tong at this time in addition to shock, full of more is. Caution! She had endless guesses about the culprit of the Yuhu disaster. Although she overturned her hypothesis countless times, she finally put the biggest rift on the East King of Zifu,mobile garbage bin, who was praised by everyone. Because the master said, "Never go back to the Jade Pool!" Even if the world is fanatically worshipping the devoted and powerful His Highness Dongzun, but would rather question everyone in the world, Su Tong will not question his master Yu. So she followed Jun Yan to Zifu this time, in addition to taking Lingshi with him to redeem his home, there is a very deep idea, she wants to see, that now standing at the top of the East Immortal, His Highness Dongzun, what was the place where he used to live! This is a very dangerous decision, if the east king is really the culprit who killed the jade pool gold mother and the jade master, must be very bitter to the fish that escaped the net of the jade lake, if he has any way to see that he is the legacy of the jade lake, then even if he has three heads, foldable bulk container ,euro plastic pallet, it is certainly not enough for the east king to cut. However, on the way, she had confirmed to Jun Yan that the East King had not lived in the Purple Mansion for a long time. Although he was said to be ill, in order to supervise the battle, he still lived on the smallest black star of the Grey Cross Galaxy of the Five Continents Allied Forces and never left, so this time he should be safe when he stepped into the Purple Mansion. Unless Jun Yan is the accomplice of the East King?! Even if the heart does not want to have a deeper friendship with Jun Yan, but subconsciously, Su Tong still feel that Jun Yan has nothing to do with this matter, after all, break his fingers to calculate, he rescued him from the Black Rock wasteland days, after the Yuhu disaster. Su Tong has always been a bold person, which can be seen from the fact that she dared to rob the Five Poisons Holy Ancestor when she rushed into the stars. If she were someone else, once she suspected the East King, she would avoid the Purple Mansion far away and never step into it. But although she couldn't say what she was looking for, she felt that she must come and see. Even if she couldn't find a clue, she could learn more about the possible enemies from the details. Since you want to use me to repair the heart of Tao, I will use you to understand the East King! Su Tong took a deep look at Jun Yan, made up his mind, and then opened his mouth and said. The most beautiful is not blown out by people, unless you show me around, let me say that the purple house is beautiful, that is really beautiful. ” Very not easy to wait for Su Tong to take the initiative to speak, Jun Yan has been quite surprised, especially she also put forward the idea of "sightseeing" to accompany herself, Jun Yan almost happy to blossom! "Then you have to keep your eyes open. I'll take you to the Blue and White Stream first to see the fish chasing the fallen flowers in the water. Then there is the Giant Deer Valley, where the clouds are flying, the mountain walls are covered with five-color gems, and the Aster Wonderland. Because of the unique Ziyang spirit of my Purple Mansion, everything is stained with purple. Deep and shallow is the most beautiful when the sky is bright.." Jun Yan said a lot in one breath, so excited that he immediately turned around the bronze overlord and immediately traveled around the Purple Mansion with Su Tong for 108 days. No, senior Waring is still weak. Why should we send her to a place of self-cultivation first? Su Tong was still thinking about the injury of Hualin Fairy. No.161: Zou Fan "Oh!" Being awakened by Su Tong, the forgetful Jun Yan immediately said to Hualin Fairy with embarrassment. I have informed the disciples of the fairy to come to Zifu to meet her. The fairy should go to Ziyunxuan with me to rest first. Then the huge bronze overlord flew quickly to the purple mansion with three people on his back. Looking at Jun Yan's reddish face, Hualin Fairy did not take his neglect to heart at all, but instead raised a complex and subtle touch in her heart. It seems that no matter how noble and mighty a man is, once he falls in love, he will immediately become another person, and he will let himself forget the dazzling halo around his body and become a very ordinary man. Hualin has never seen Zifu Shaozong talk so much, laugh so much, be at a loss like a child, take out all his things to make people happy like a treasure, and his behavior can be described as "childish and ridiculous". But this kind of transformation from immortal to mortal makes people feel soft inexplicably. If my Martial Nephew Su were still alive, I don't know how he would be spoiled. It would be a blessing for Jinzhu to be similar. With a sigh in his heart,heavy duty plastic pallet, two figures unconsciously flashed through the mind of the Waring Fairy. It was not long after the wedding of the East King and the Golden Mother. She happened to meet them in the Holy Mountain Garden. His Highness the East King took the Golden Mother's hand and walked slowly among the hibiscus flowers. Both of them had warm smiles on their faces. They looked so happy and beautiful. But now look at the two people in front of them.. Suddenly, I found that there was something missing in the scene. What is it? Fairy Waring frowned because she had never been in love with anyone. It was extremely difficult for her to understand this, but she quickly caught a difference. cnplasticpallet.com